Danny, Sam and Dani visit a nude beach

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The other week, Sam, Dani and I decided to go to the beach. Once we got there we noticed something very odd. All the people were naked! Turns out it was a nude beach, but we had traveled so long to get there, we decided to stay. Of course we all got naked. Naked Sam and Dani looked so hot, I got a huge erection, and being naked as I was, I couldn’t conceal it. Sam said she’d take care of it, she got on her knees and gave me an awesome blowjob with Dani watching us!

Danny, Sam and Dani on the beach

Jazz walks in on Danny and Sam having sex

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The most amazing thing happened to me last night while I was having sex with Samantha. I always make sure nobody is home, so I don’t get caught by my folks, but I totally forgot about Jazz. Imagine our surprise when, in the middle of fucking, we turn and see Jazz walk into the room, almost naked and taking off her panties in front of us with such resolve! She knew we had to let her join in or she would tell on us, but it really wasn’t a bad thing at all. Having a threesome with your best friend and your hot sister has to be the kinkiest shit ever!

Danny and Sam having sex

Sam and Jazz have a naughty pillow fight

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My best friend Tucker told me the most amazing naughty story just the other day. Too bad I was out on a mission and totally missed out on the fun. He was walking by Sam’s home, on his way back to his own house, when he saw lights on in her bedroom and many laughs and giggles. He didn’t resist the temptation of playing peeping tom and spying on Sam through her bedroom window. Turns out she was having a sleepover with Jazz. The girls were wearing their kinkiest lingerie and having a hot pillow fight! Sexy toons!

Sam and Jazz pillow fight

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

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Samantha is starring in a film as Cleopatra. Can you believe it? She invited me over to the set and I couldn’t wait to see her dressed up as the Egyptian beauty. Wow, she looked so hot and sexy, it gave me a boner! We stayed until filming stopped and we had the whole set to ourselves. Sexy Samantha took off part of her outfit and decided to give me a private screening of the film’s naughtiest parts! Samantha as Cleopatra is a sex fantasy cum true!

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

Jazz and Danny fucking in the shower

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Turned on by Sam’s hot story about having sex with Jazz in the shower, I decided to take a steamy bath myself, so I could cool off and masturbate myself, just imagining the two hotties in hot girl on girl action in this very same shower. I was busy jerking off when I felt a pair of soft hands lathering up my ass with soap! It was Jazz! Looks like she heard my sex noises and decided to come in and join me! I wonder if she enjoys my hard cock in the shower as much as she did Sam’s wet pussy.

Jazz and Danny fucking

Sam and Jazz have lesbian shower sex

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Wow, you won’t believe the hot story Samantha told me the other day. She came home looking for me, but I was on a mission.. She heard noises in the bathroom and thought it was me, so she stripped naked and tip toed her way into the shower. Imagine her surprise when she found Jazz totally naked and masturbating under the shower instead of me! She was so embarrassed, but not Jazz, she knew exactly what to do with Sam’s hard nipples, big tits and wet pussy! They had the hottest lesbian sex in the shower that afternoon.

Sam and Jazz lesbian sex

Maddie teaches Jazz to share Danny’s hard dick

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Jazz has a little problem, she is my sister and I love her, but she can be pretty selfish at times. She has never been able to share any of her stuff, but mom let me know she was about to change that. She called us into her bedroom; she was totally naked and looked so fucking hot! She made us get naked as well, ordering Jazz to suck on my big hard cock. This learning experience definitely works out for me, looks like mom is going to teach cute Jazz to share my hard dick with her!

Maddie teaches Jazz to share Danny’s dick

Danny fucking his hot sister Jazz

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I walked into the control room the other night and found Jazz using the computers to search for hardcore toon porn! She was totally naked and was masturbating herself, her sexy body covered in sweat. She looked so hot and kinky! I took my ghost shape and decided to get it on with her. While she grabbed on tight to the consoles, I bent her over and fucked her wet pussy from behind. She was so wet, my cock slid in and out as if her pussy juice was sex lube!

Danny fucking Jazz

Maddie punishes Jazz for being naughty

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Mom is awesome… and hot! She can also be pretty intense and strict, especially with Jazz when she breaks curfew. Last time this happened, she made me watch Jazz’s punishment for disobeying her, so I wouldn’t get any ideas. Mom put on her ghost hunter suit, exposing her wet snatch and big tits while she stripped Jazz naked and probed her pussy with a shock inducing device! Mom really seemed to be enjoying the hot sexual pleasure she was provoking on my sister! She was cumming over and over and I was masturbating myself too, watching the incredible scene before my eyes!

Maddie punishes Jazz

Danny stuffs Valerie like a Ding Dong

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Samantha is very hot, but so are her friends! I had never fucked with a black girl before, so Valerie was definitely on my list of “to do girls”. I told her I was having problems studying for math, so she invited me over to her place so we could study together. It was all a ruse so I could get her into bed, she already knew but played along, looks like she was as curious about having sex with me as I was! Wow, Valerie is the hottest fuck ever! Her body was sweating as I fucked her hard from behind and filled her up with cream as if she were a Ding Dong!

Danny stuffs Valerie

Jazz lubes up Danny’s cock for hot fucking

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I was really wondering why sweet Jazz asked me to accompany her to the pharmacy, until I saw what she was buying: a big tube of sex lube! I knew my dirty sister had something kinky in mind! We got back home and since our folks weren’t around, we stripped naked and got in the shower. She applied the lube all over my cock and slid it inside her ass; it felt so smooth and soft while I fucked her very hard! Looks like my cock is too big for her to fit in without proper lubrication!

Jazz and Danny hot fucking

Ember is a sexy little cock sucker ghost

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I love to make Ember my bitch as many times as I can. She likes to play hard, but deep down inside, what makes her pussy wet is to get dominated. I like to make her choke on my cock, thrusting it deep inside her throat so she can choke on it and soak my shaft and balls in her drool. She sucks my hard cock until I’m ready to explode, I can feel my hot cum flowing straight to her mouth. She can’t handle it all; it just drips from the corners of her mouth, down her sexy neck and hot cartoon boobies.

Ember is a sexy cock sucker

Sexy pirate girl becomes the “pirate’s loot”

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Captain Youngblood is so kick ass, he is always having these wild and kinky costume parties. I guess he is a cosplay freak ghost or something like that, but he also gets the hottest ghost chicks to attend, so I always make sure he invites me. Dressed up like a pirate he seems to be having a great time fucking this sexy hentai girl with big titties and a wet snatch. Don’t worry, she is crying of happiness cuz she just learned she is the “pirate’s loot”, which means we will all get to fuck her tonight!

Sexy pirate girl

Kitty likes to cheat on Johnny with Danny

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Johnny 13 is a cool ghost, and he has a super hot girlfriend named Kitty. She is totally addicted to cock and she is always cheating behind Johnny’s back. He doesn’t have a clue, but I know… cause I’m one of the guys she sleeps around with! What can I tell you, man, I just love these freaky ghost chicks! Her green hair and skin really turn me on, I love to spread her legs wide open and ram her toon pussy with my cock until I’m ready to fill her up with cum. We better hurry up before Johnny comes back home and finds us!

Kitty cheat on Johnny with Danny

Ember fucking with the predator ghost Skulker

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Ember is one of the hottest ghosts ever! All the other ghosts want to spend the night with her and get a taste of her ghostly pussy. She has a thing for rebellious souls, so it’s no wonder she has the hots for Skulker. He is a predator ghost hunter who hunts down rare and unique things, and you can bet that Ember is both! His battle armor provides him with a huge cock, and horny Ember spreads her legs so she can feel it deep inside her wet pussy! Fortunately they let me watch them as they fucked!

Ember fucking with Skulker

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