Jazz and Ember have a sexy fight

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Look what I’ve got here for you today! Jazz and Ember encountered each other in some dogtrot! A huge fight began between the two girls – they screamed and kicked each other, pulling each other’s hair and trying to scratch each other’s faces! Though Ember first seemed to win the fight, in the end Jazz showed her how the real Phentons act and brought the nasty ghost down! But – oh my God, in the heat of the fight they’ve managed to rip almost all clothes off each other’s sexy bodies! Now we can see their uncovered beauties – kinky round boobs, slim waists and hot plump asses! Looking at Ember’s perky tits is just as awesome as seeing Jazz exposing her shaved twat! You’ve got to see this!


Dash Baxter gets a surprise fuck from Sam

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Wow, I guess Dash Baxter didn’t expect Sam Manson to accept his attention so quickly! Neither did I, by the way. As soon as he walked into her place, thinking of how to get her laid, he suddenly saw her standing in the center of the room in her sexy bikini, smiling lustfully! Not believing his luck, Dash nevertheless took off his clothes quickly and approached nude Sam, hugging her gently with his strong arms. His throbbing dick touched her wet pussy and she spread her legs widely, letting it inside. Dash started poking her snatch with loud slaps, holding her milky twins in his hands and moaning loudly. Sam seemed to enjoy this action very much, too. As for me, I was taking pictures of the whole scene to show you today!


Jack Phenton penetrates Maddie’s tight snatch

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Yesterday I caught mom and dad making love while being on duty! Seems like dad’s boner got him bad, and mom hurried to help her suffering husband! Jack Phenton pushes poor Maddie Fenton to the ground with his mighty body and presses his huge shaft inside her tight fuck hole! Oh, how she screams and wriggles, trying to receive his monster cock without ripping apart! He fucks her hard, caressing her juicy boobs and kissing her in her warm lips, which makes her moan silently and close her eyes from a breathtaking mix of pleasure and pain! It’s one of the best Danny Phantom porn galleries, that’s for sure!


Sexy Maddie Phenton lets Mr. Lancer to touch her gorgeous body

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Wow, never thought mom’s such a filthy slut! As soon as she leaves our house for another “rescue mission”, she in fact heads straight to mr. Lancer’s house! Of course, mr. Lancer appreciates such attention, so does he appreciate mom’s sexy round boobs! Just look how he touches her – he’s drooling and smiling lustfully, fantasizing about things he’s going to do with her! He’ll poke her sweet butt slapping it until it becomes red, he’ll nail her to the ground and make her beg for mercy! Ooh, that filthy old punk! Nevertheless mom seems alright with this, and is willing to give her pussy to this nasty guy!


Ember wants to get a hold of Skulker’s massive cock

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Skulker seems to lose his mind completely! How else can I explain why he turned his gaze towards Ember Mclain? Seeing her naked in the shower made Skulker so horny that for the first time in my life I saw his huge boner coming out of his body! Ember was stunned with such a scene, but soon came to senses and grabbed his meaty snake to suck it hard! Her round boobs shook as she moved her head back and forth very fast, gulping and slurping loudly. Skulker’s dick was soon covered with saliva, and nude Ember continued massaging it and rubbing it against her juicy tits. It’s a very sexy episode, so come have a look!


Tucker feels hard for naked Samantha by the lake

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I guess Tucker Foley put his eyes on Sam! While their short walk by the lake she decided to swim a little and threw off her clothes, exposing her beautiful teeny body! Of course, Tucker immediately got himself a rock hard boner, and Sam noticed that! Now she switched to Tucker’s meaty bone, intending to give it a huge blowjob! Her warm mouth felt awesome to Tucker, and he closed his eyes in satisfaction. Nude Sam slid back and forth, her sexy tits jiggling like bells, and tickled her naked pussy with her tricky fingers at the same time. A very arousing cartoon sex scene, guys!


Danny meets nude Ember Mclain late at night

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Looks like Ember caught me nodding! Late at night when I was ready to go asleep, I heard some weird noises and went outside to see what it was. And then I saw naked Ember Mclain, standing there like a sex goddess, looking at me with a kinky smile on her beautiful face! I used to hate her, but now I suddenly realized that I wanted her badly! Her slim figure with huge tits and sexy round ass attracted me as never before! My cock immediately started ripping my pants, and Ember couldn’t leave that unnoticed! She came to me slowly and fell on her knees, unzipping my pants and grabbing my tense dick with her warm hand! Wanna know how it all ended? Well, you know what to do!


Having sex with Sam in the belly of the beast

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Wow, our wild adventure has left Danny and me stranded inside the belly of some wild beast! Sam knows how to make the best of any situation; she knows it is just a matter of time before the beast expels us from its insides, so we have time to kill while we are in its entrails! Count on Danny to turn a perilous situation into a sexy scenario for kinky sex! She strips naked and spreads her legs for me, begging me to fuck her very hard over the soft and squishy surface of the beast’s insides! This has got to be the most bizarre place where we have ever fuckedSat least until now! With Sam as a lover, you never know what tomorrow brings!

Sam fucked hard by Danny

Cute redhead bouncing up and down Danny’s shaft

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This cute redhead girl with green eyes just moved in a couple of weeks ago. It was just a matter of time for her to come knocking on the door. She told me she was having problems sleeping, she was afraid there might be ghosts hiding under her bed. I was more than happy to help her out. I stayed with her that night, and there was not a single ghost to be seen. She was so happy; she said she knew the best way to thank me for my help and protection! We spent the rest of the night fucking on that very same bed where the ghosts were supposed to be hiding. That soft pussy felt real nice wrapped around my cock while I played with her boobies and teased her nipples! I bet she made all those ghost stories up just so she could get to know my cock! Not that I’m complaining! She can cry wolf as many times as she wants to and I’ll be ready to save her! Lol!

Chick bouncing up and down Danny's dick

Paulina and Star take turns sucking Tucker’s dick

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Looks like Tucker’s megalomaniacal fantasies are going a little bit over the edge! His ultimate wish is to be a powerful pharaoh with a harem filled with the hottest babes, including the beautiful cheerleader Paulina and her friend Star. With her silky white robes dangling down her beautiful naked body, the sexy Paulina anxiously waits in line behind Star, who is down on her knees and sucking Tucker’s huge dick. She only hopes that he has enough cum in his swollen balls so she can suck him dry and get her tummy filled with his creamy man milk! Hey, I think I wanna partake on Tucker’s naughty sex fantasy!

Star sucking Tucker's cock

Paulina gets gangbanged by the football team

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Paulina is such a dirty slut; everybody in the locker room has banged this sexy cheerleader! One thing is certain, she knows how to motivate the team. It’s no mystery why they are so determined to win every single time they hit the field, they know that if they get the victory, Paulina will be waiting for them in the locker room, ready to get gangbanged by the entire team, water boy included! The guys take turns fucking her from every angle, stuffing her wet pussy, gaping asshole and hungry mouth while she uses her free hands to stroke their big dicks! Paulina’s cheerleader uniform and naked body end up covered in the team’s creamy cum!

Paulina gets gangbanged

Danny shares his love for the number 69!

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Wanna know my favorite number? You guessed it, 69! There is nothing hotter than feeling the soft, naked body of a beautiful girl pressed against me, with her wet pussy facing me so I can eat her out while I feel her sucking my dick at the same time! I grab her ass cheeks hard and spread her wide open, poking her tight little asshole, which makes her press her meaty pussy harder against my mouth. The more I do this to her, the harder she sucks my dick, even swallowing my balls! I can’t wait to cum in her face while she squirts lots of wet pussy juices all over mine!

Danny 69 porn toons

Maddie loves to ride on Danny’s hard cock

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I knew Dad was coming home late, so I snuck into my folks bedroom, took off all my clothes, turned off the lights and stayed under the covers! Maddie came home first, just as I expected. She got into the bedroom and didn’t even turn on the lights. Everything was going according to my plans! She climbed into bed and I felt her hands reaching around, touching my body and hard dick. I don’t know if she knew it was me or not, but we both played along! In total darkness, she climbed on my cock and begged me to fuck her ass and pussy very hard and to cum inside her! I could feel the sweat pouring down her body and big tits as we fucked like dogs in heat! I came so hard! We turned on the lights when we were done, we couldn’t resist looking at each other, knowing the naughty thing we just did!

Maddie riding Danny's hard dick

Danny pumping a sexy blonde ghost girl with lots of dick!

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Late at night, I was visited by a very sexy blonde ghost girl in flashy stockings and fishnet gloves! Her wet tongue and soft fingers massaged my balls and hard cock, she gave quite a boner! She spread her legs wide open and teased me with the cutest little pink twat, totally dripping wet with pussy juices and waiting for my big dick to fuck her very hard. She let me know how popular I was in the ghost world, all my sex stories with ghost chicks are told and there are many naughty ghosts waiting in line to visit me every night! Golly, I’m going to have to tell Samantha I can’t keep seeing her every night so I can open up room in the agenda! Lol!

Danny pumping hot blonde babe

Love Potion makes Danny fall head over heels

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This sexy emo goddess must have slipped some love potion in my drink, because I find myself lost in her emerald green eyes and the dripping wet heat of her pussy! All I want to do is fuck her beautiful body all night long, no time to think about ghosts, friends or Sam! Her skin is milky white and her ass is soft as cotton, she is a dirty bitch that doesn’t say no to anything. The love potion takes away all my inhibitions and she tells me that tonight we will do the Kama Sutra from intro to the very last page on the book! Wow! I’m going to need all the stamina I can get!

Danny Phantom have sex

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