Samantha dresses up as a sexy pirate girl

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Samantha loves to role play in bed; she is always showing up in my bedroom in the oddest disguises. Last week we went to the movies and saw a Pirate flick, I could tell she was up to something by the dirty, naughty look on her face. Next thing I know, she shows up in my bedroom late at night, dressed up as a sexy pirate girl! I must confess, I made her walk the plank, if you know what I’m talking about, yar yar, ahoy matey!

sexy pirate girl

Danny gets to fuck sexy Kim Possible

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My latest adventure could not have been better, since I had the opportunity to team up with the beautiful Kim Possible and beat up some bad guys. After all the fighting was done, we were both sweaty and turned on by so much action! Kim practically stripped naked and threw herself on top of me, I guess she is as dirty as they say! She straddled my cock and rode me until I was ready to blow my load inside her sweet, juicy pussy! I sure hope Ron doesn’t get jealous when he reads this!

Danny fucks Kim Possible

Danny fucks Jazz in the tent during camp

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Boy, let me tell you all about my latest adventure! My folks decided to take us camping, so I had to share a tent with my obnoxious, know it all big sister, Jazz. I thought it was going to be a drag, until I woke up in the middle of the night and found her playing with my hard cock! Jazz was totally naked, rubbing her wet toon pussy against my erection, telling me how bad she wanted me to fuck her! I had a hard time keeping quiet while I pumped her wet pussy with dick, so our parents wouldn’t discover us!

Danny fucks Jazz