Sam and Jazz have a naughty pillow fight

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My best friend Tucker told me the most amazing naughty story just the other day. Too bad I was out on a mission and totally missed out on the fun. He was walking by Sam’s home, on his way back to his own house, when he saw lights on in her bedroom and many laughs and giggles. He didn’t resist the temptation of playing peeping tom and spying on Sam through her bedroom window. Turns out she was having a sleepover with Jazz. The girls were wearing their kinkiest lingerie and having a hot pillow fight! Sexy toons!

Sam and Jazz pillow fight

Sam and Jazz have lesbian shower sex

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Wow, you won’t believe the hot story Samantha told me the other day. She came home looking for me, but I was on a mission.. She heard noises in the bathroom and thought it was me, so she stripped naked and tip toed her way into the shower. Imagine her surprise when she found Jazz totally naked and masturbating under the shower instead of me! She was so embarrassed, but not Jazz, she knew exactly what to do with Sam’s hard nipples, big tits and wet pussy! They had the hottest lesbian sex in the shower that afternoon.

Sam and Jazz lesbian sex