Danny discovers Sam loves black cock

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I had been calling Sam and Tucker all day and couldn’t reach any of them. Worried that they may be in trouble, I decided to go look for them. No luck at Sam’s place, so I headed to Tucker’s home. I could hear loud noises from his room, maybe he was under attack! I took my ghost form and went through the walls, but imagine my shock when I discovered Tucker, my best friend, fucking Samantha! I guess she does like black cock after all! Man, they could have at least considered a threesome first!

Tucker fucking Samantha

Danny, Sam and Dani visit a nude beach

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The other week, Sam, Dani and I decided to go to the beach. Once we got there we noticed something very odd. All the people were naked! Turns out it was a nude beach, but we had traveled so long to get there, we decided to stay. Of course we all got naked. Naked Sam and Dani looked so hot, I got a huge erection, and being naked as I was, I couldn’t conceal it. Sam said she’d take care of it, she got on her knees and gave me an awesome blowjob with Dani watching us!

Danny, Sam and Dani on the beach

Sam and Jazz have a naughty pillow fight

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My best friend Tucker told me the most amazing naughty story just the other day. Too bad I was out on a mission and totally missed out on the fun. He was walking by Sam’s home, on his way back to his own house, when he saw lights on in her bedroom and many laughs and giggles. He didn’t resist the temptation of playing peeping tom and spying on Sam through her bedroom window. Turns out she was having a sleepover with Jazz. The girls were wearing their kinkiest lingerie and having a hot pillow fight! Sexy toons!

Sam and Jazz pillow fight

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

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Samantha is starring in a film as Cleopatra. Can you believe it? She invited me over to the set and I couldn’t wait to see her dressed up as the Egyptian beauty. Wow, she looked so hot and sexy, it gave me a boner! We stayed until filming stopped and we had the whole set to ourselves. Sexy Samantha took off part of her outfit and decided to give me a private screening of the film’s naughtiest parts! Samantha as Cleopatra is a sex fantasy cum true!

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

Cheating on Samantha with Danielle

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I hope Samantha doesn’t find out I was cheating on her with Danielle, she just looked so fine in her see through pink lingerie set, I couldn’t avoid it! Before I knew it she was all over my hard cock, giving me an awesome blowjob and riding me like if she were an experienced cow girl. I’m going to have to get Sam to learn some of those moves, they were simply amazing! She may have little toon titties, but that tight pussy really makes up for it.

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Danny fucks Samantha by the river

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In our last adventure, hot Samantha and I ended up stranded in a river. Things seemed quite dangerous, but my powers saved the day. Our clothes were completely wet, and Samantha looked so sexy as she took them off. Her nipples were erect and I could tell her pussy was already wet for my hard cock. We decided to just got at it by the river rocks, fucking in the middle of the water was a really intense thing! I don’t think this will be the last time Samantha and I take a hike to the river, don’t you agree?

Danny fucks Samantha hard

Samantha dresses up as a sexy pirate girl

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Samantha loves to role play in bed; she is always showing up in my bedroom in the oddest disguises. Last week we went to the movies and saw a Pirate flick, I could tell she was up to something by the dirty, naughty look on her face. Next thing I know, she shows up in my bedroom late at night, dressed up as a sexy pirate girl! I must confess, I made her walk the plank, if you know what I’m talking about, yar yar, ahoy matey!

sexy pirate girl

Samantha has the hots for Danny’s cock

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I got back home last night after an incredible adventure and guess who was waiting for me in my room? Yeah, Samantha, and she was wearing the kinkiest lingerie ever, with black fishnet stockings and sleeves! She looked so hot and sexy, she didn’t even give me a chance to react! She threw me in bed and started looking at the big bulge under my pants, she could tell I was anxious to strip off her clothes and give her the hardest cartoon fuck ever!

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Danny and Samantha have kinky bondage sex

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Samantha is a sexy Goth girl, and she is always open to exploring her sexuality. She told me she wanted to know what it felt like to be dominated, it sounded so kinky! I took her to a special place and tied her up to a platform, totally naked and with her hands handcuffed! Wow, we had the best sex ever as I fucked her without her being able to move. I blew my load all over her body and titties, what an adventure!

Danny and Samantha in bdsm