Maddie takes Danny on a kinky camping trip

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Maddie knows best, no argument about it! She took my on a camping trip, so we could share a nice bonding experience. I just couldn’t wait to bind with her, if you know what I mean! Being in contact with nature made me realize all I still needed to know about it and who better to teach me than Maddie? She stripped naked and told me to take off my clothes, admiring my big dick. ?h, Danny, it’s so big and hard! You are definitely all man now!?She spread her legs and let me fuck her dripping wet pussy real hard while I rested my head on her big delicious boobs! Camping has never been so much fun, I hope we stay here forever!

Maddie fucked by Danny

Danny banging away on a boat at sea

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The sea is the best place for making love, who would have thought? The romantic set up made her give into me with no effort, her wet tongue twisting and twirling against my own as I felt her soft body, barely covered by her swimsuit, pressing hard against mine. I’m sure she could feel my huge erection growing underneath my trunks and poking on her crotch. Her bikini bottom was already soaked, she’s say it was the splattering sea water, but I’m sure it was her dripping wet twat aching for my big dick. Oh, boy, was I ready to plow her, the waves moving the boat about only made it so much kinkier!

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