Ember is a sexy little cock sucker ghost

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I love to make Ember my bitch as many times as I can. She likes to play hard, but deep down inside, what makes her pussy wet is to get dominated. I like to make her choke on my cock, thrusting it deep inside her throat so she can choke on it and soak my shaft and balls in her drool. She sucks my hard cock until I’m ready to explode, I can feel my hot cum flowing straight to her mouth. She can’t handle it all; it just drips from the corners of her mouth, down her sexy neck and hot cartoon boobies.

Ember is a sexy cock sucker

Ember fucking with the predator ghost Skulker

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Ember is one of the hottest ghosts ever! All the other ghosts want to spend the night with her and get a taste of her ghostly pussy. She has a thing for rebellious souls, so it’s no wonder she has the hots for Skulker. He is a predator ghost hunter who hunts down rare and unique things, and you can bet that Ember is both! His battle armor provides him with a huge cock, and horny Ember spreads her legs so she can feel it deep inside her wet pussy! Fortunately they let me watch them as they fucked!

Ember fucking with Skulker