Sexy Maddie Phenton lets Mr. Lancer to touch her gorgeous body

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Wow, never thought mom’s such a filthy slut! As soon as she leaves our house for another “rescue mission”, she in fact heads straight to mr. Lancer’s house! Of course, mr. Lancer appreciates such attention, so does he appreciate mom’s sexy round boobs! Just look how he touches her – he’s drooling and smiling lustfully, fantasizing about things he’s going to do with her! He’ll poke her sweet butt slapping it until it becomes red, he’ll nail her to the ground and make her beg for mercy! Ooh, that filthy old punk! Nevertheless mom seems alright with this, and is willing to give her pussy to this nasty guy!


Danny shares his love for the number 69!

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Wanna know my favorite number? You guessed it, 69! There is nothing hotter than feeling the soft, naked body of a beautiful girl pressed against me, with her wet pussy facing me so I can eat her out while I feel her sucking my dick at the same time! I grab her ass cheeks hard and spread her wide open, poking her tight little asshole, which makes her press her meaty pussy harder against my mouth. The more I do this to her, the harder she sucks my dick, even swallowing my balls! I can’t wait to cum in her face while she squirts lots of wet pussy juices all over mine!

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Penelope Spectra ties Danny down and takes him for a ride

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Penelope Spectra is the kind of ghost that embodies everything that is kinky and sadistic! In one of our latest tussles, she actually gained the upper hand, but I must confess it was not such a bad experience losing a battle to her! She strapped me up to an examination table, stroking my dick until it was hard and stiff, then she stripped naked and climbed on top of it! Her pussy was dripping wet as she rode my dick in reverse cowgirl, I had no idea she could be so passionate. As much as I love Sam, I was unable to resist blowing my load inside Penelope as many times as she wished me to!

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Danny and Ron double team a sexy ghost lady

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Team ups can be very fun and kinky! I joined forces with hot Ron Stoppable to capture a very dangerous ghost girl. She was as powerful as she was hot, with a voluptuous body, amazing ass and big tits. Ron and I were having a hard time subduing her, until we decided to take a different approach and fuck her instead of battling her! She really enjoyed taking our hard cocks up her ass and pussy in an amazing double penetration threesome that left us all exhausted. Maybe’s she’s not so bad after all!

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Jazz and Danny fucking in the shower

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Turned on by Sam’s hot story about having sex with Jazz in the shower, I decided to take a steamy bath myself, so I could cool off and masturbate myself, just imagining the two hotties in hot girl on girl action in this very same shower. I was busy jerking off when I felt a pair of soft hands lathering up my ass with soap! It was Jazz! Looks like she heard my sex noises and decided to come in and join me! I wonder if she enjoys my hard cock in the shower as much as she did Sam’s wet pussy.

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Danny fucking his hot sister Jazz

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I walked into the control room the other night and found Jazz using the computers to search for hardcore toon porn! She was totally naked and was masturbating herself, her sexy body covered in sweat. She looked so hot and kinky! I took my ghost shape and decided to get it on with her. While she grabbed on tight to the consoles, I bent her over and fucked her wet pussy from behind. She was so wet, my cock slid in and out as if her pussy juice was sex lube!

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Princess Dorothea sucking Danny’s hard cock

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Sexy Princess Dorothea is so hot; there is just something about a sexy female ghost with big tits and green skin that turns me on! Prince Aragorn was not home, so I sneaked into the Palace where the sexy princess was ready for me. Wow, she got down on her knees and gave me the best blowjob I ever got, making me blow my load all over her big green tits and hungry mouth. I even got some of my spunk on her Amulet of Aragorn.

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Samantha spit roasted in kinky threesome with Danny and friend

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One thing I like about Samantha is that she doesn’t hold back when it comes to doing new stuff in bed! She is very kinky and open minded, so I wasn’t surprised when she accepted my idea of having a threesome with one of my buddies. She looked so hot sucking my hard cock while my friend fucked her wet toon pussy from behind. She seemed to really be enjoying it, she said she wanted us to splatter her sexy face with lots of cum! Next time we are going to do this threesome thing with another girl, so I get to enjoy the double fun!

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Danny fucks Samantha by the river

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In our last adventure, hot Samantha and I ended up stranded in a river. Things seemed quite dangerous, but my powers saved the day. Our clothes were completely wet, and Samantha looked so sexy as she took them off. Her nipples were erect and I could tell her pussy was already wet for my hard cock. We decided to just got at it by the river rocks, fucking in the middle of the water was a really intense thing! I don’t think this will be the last time Samantha and I take a hike to the river, don’t you agree?

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Danny gets to fuck sexy Kim Possible

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My latest adventure could not have been better, since I had the opportunity to team up with the beautiful Kim Possible and beat up some bad guys. After all the fighting was done, we were both sweaty and turned on by so much action! Kim practically stripped naked and threw herself on top of me, I guess she is as dirty as they say! She straddled my cock and rode me until I was ready to blow my load inside her sweet, juicy pussy! I sure hope Ron doesn’t get jealous when he reads this!

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Danny and Samantha have kinky bondage sex

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Samantha is a sexy Goth girl, and she is always open to exploring her sexuality. She told me she wanted to know what it felt like to be dominated, it sounded so kinky! I took her to a special place and tied her up to a platform, totally naked and with her hands handcuffed! Wow, we had the best sex ever as I fucked her without her being able to move. I blew my load all over her body and titties, what an adventure!

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