Cute redhead bouncing up and down Danny’s shaft

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This cute redhead girl with green eyes just moved in a couple of weeks ago. It was just a matter of time for her to come knocking on the door. She told me she was having problems sleeping, she was afraid there might be ghosts hiding under her bed. I was more than happy to help her out. I stayed with her that night, and there was not a single ghost to be seen. She was so happy; she said she knew the best way to thank me for my help and protection! We spent the rest of the night fucking on that very same bed where the ghosts were supposed to be hiding. That soft pussy felt real nice wrapped around my cock while I played with her boobies and teased her nipples! I bet she made all those ghost stories up just so she could get to know my cock! Not that I’m complaining! She can cry wolf as many times as she wants to and I’ll be ready to save her! Lol!

Chick bouncing up and down Danny's dick