Jazz and Danny fucking in the shower

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Turned on by Sam’s hot story about having sex with Jazz in the shower, I decided to take a steamy bath myself, so I could cool off and masturbate myself, just imagining the two hotties in hot girl on girl action in this very same shower. I was busy jerking off when I felt a pair of soft hands lathering up my ass with soap! It was Jazz! Looks like she heard my sex noises and decided to come in and join me! I wonder if she enjoys my hard cock in the shower as much as she did Sam’s wet pussy.

Jazz and Danny fucking

Danny fucking his hot sister Jazz

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I walked into the control room the other night and found Jazz using the computers to search for hardcore toon porn! She was totally naked and was masturbating herself, her sexy body covered in sweat. She looked so hot and kinky! I took my ghost shape and decided to get it on with her. While she grabbed on tight to the consoles, I bent her over and fucked her wet pussy from behind. She was so wet, my cock slid in and out as if her pussy juice was sex lube!

Danny fucking Jazz

Maddie punishes Jazz for being naughty

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Mom is awesome… and hot! She can also be pretty intense and strict, especially with Jazz when she breaks curfew. Last time this happened, she made me watch Jazz’s punishment for disobeying her, so I wouldn’t get any ideas. Mom put on her ghost hunter suit, exposing her wet snatch and big tits while she stripped Jazz naked and probed her pussy with a shock inducing device! Mom really seemed to be enjoying the hot sexual pleasure she was provoking on my sister! She was cumming over and over and I was masturbating myself too, watching the incredible scene before my eyes!

Maddie punishes Jazz

Danny fucks Jazz in the tent during camp

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Boy, let me tell you all about my latest adventure! My folks decided to take us camping, so I had to share a tent with my obnoxious, know it all big sister, Jazz. I thought it was going to be a drag, until I woke up in the middle of the night and found her playing with my hard cock! Jazz was totally naked, rubbing her wet toon pussy against my erection, telling me how bad she wanted me to fuck her! I had a hard time keeping quiet while I pumped her wet pussy with dick, so our parents wouldn’t discover us!

Danny fucks Jazz