Dash Baxter gets a surprise fuck from Sam

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Wow, I guess Dash Baxter didn’t expect Sam Manson to accept his attention so quickly! Neither did I, by the way. As soon as he walked into her place, thinking of how to get her laid, he suddenly saw her standing in the center of the room in her sexy bikini, smiling lustfully! Not believing his luck, Dash nevertheless took off his clothes quickly and approached nude Sam, hugging her gently with his strong arms. His throbbing dick touched her wet pussy and she spread her legs widely, letting it inside. Dash started poking her snatch with loud slaps, holding her milky twins in his hands and moaning loudly. Sam seemed to enjoy this action very much, too. As for me, I was taking pictures of the whole scene to show you today!


Tucker feels hard for naked Samantha by the lake

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I guess Tucker Foley put his eyes on Sam! While their short walk by the lake she decided to swim a little and threw off her clothes, exposing her beautiful teeny body! Of course, Tucker immediately got himself a rock hard boner, and Sam noticed that! Now she switched to Tucker’s meaty bone, intending to give it a huge blowjob! Her warm mouth felt awesome to Tucker, and he closed his eyes in satisfaction. Nude Sam slid back and forth, her sexy tits jiggling like bells, and tickled her naked pussy with her tricky fingers at the same time. A very arousing cartoon sex scene, guys!


Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

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Samantha is starring in a film as Cleopatra. Can you believe it? She invited me over to the set and I couldn’t wait to see her dressed up as the Egyptian beauty. Wow, she looked so hot and sexy, it gave me a boner! We stayed until filming stopped and we had the whole set to ourselves. Sexy Samantha took off part of her outfit and decided to give me a private screening of the film’s naughtiest parts! Samantha as Cleopatra is a sex fantasy cum true!

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

Samantha spit roasted in kinky threesome with Danny and friend

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One thing I like about Samantha is that she doesn’t hold back when it comes to doing new stuff in bed! She is very kinky and open minded, so I wasn’t surprised when she accepted my idea of having a threesome with one of my buddies. She looked so hot sucking my hard cock while my friend fucked her wet toon pussy from behind. She seemed to really be enjoying it, she said she wanted us to splatter her sexy face with lots of cum! Next time we are going to do this threesome thing with another girl, so I get to enjoy the double fun!

kinky threesome with Danny Phantom