Having sex with Sam in the belly of the beast

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Wow, our wild adventure has left Danny and me stranded inside the belly of some wild beast! Sam knows how to make the best of any situation; she knows it is just a matter of time before the beast expels us from its insides, so we have time to kill while we are in its entrails! Count on Danny to turn a perilous situation into a sexy scenario for kinky sex! She strips naked and spreads her legs for me, begging me to fuck her very hard over the soft and squishy surface of the beast’s insides! This has got to be the most bizarre place where we have ever fuckedSat least until now! With Sam as a lover, you never know what tomorrow brings!

Sam fucked hard by Danny

Danny discovers Sam loves black cock

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I had been calling Sam and Tucker all day and couldn’t reach any of them. Worried that they may be in trouble, I decided to go look for them. No luck at Sam’s place, so I headed to Tucker’s home. I could hear loud noises from his room, maybe he was under attack! I took my ghost form and went through the walls, but imagine my shock when I discovered Tucker, my best friend, fucking Samantha! I guess she does like black cock after all! Man, they could have at least considered a threesome first!

Tucker fucking Samantha

Sam gangbanged by an army of Dannys

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I recently discovered a new ghost ability, and I must say that Sam was more than happy with it! Turns out I am able to replicate myself, becoming three horny Dannys! Now Samantha can enjoy the most intense gangbangs with my clones and I. All her holes get stuffed at the same time as we all take turns fucking her mouth, pussy and asshole and filling her up with a triple load of creamy cum! Now if only I could manage the same trick on Samantha, that would be so awesome!

Sam gangbanged

Jazz walks in on Danny and Sam having sex

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The most amazing thing happened to me last night while I was having sex with Samantha. I always make sure nobody is home, so I don’t get caught by my folks, but I totally forgot about Jazz. Imagine our surprise when, in the middle of fucking, we turn and see Jazz walk into the room, almost naked and taking off her panties in front of us with such resolve! She knew we had to let her join in or she would tell on us, but it really wasn’t a bad thing at all. Having a threesome with your best friend and your hot sister has to be the kinkiest shit ever!

Danny and Sam having sex

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

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Samantha is starring in a film as Cleopatra. Can you believe it? She invited me over to the set and I couldn’t wait to see her dressed up as the Egyptian beauty. Wow, she looked so hot and sexy, it gave me a boner! We stayed until filming stopped and we had the whole set to ourselves. Sexy Samantha took off part of her outfit and decided to give me a private screening of the film’s naughtiest parts! Samantha as Cleopatra is a sex fantasy cum true!

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

Sam and Jazz have lesbian shower sex

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Wow, you won’t believe the hot story Samantha told me the other day. She came home looking for me, but I was on a mission.. She heard noises in the bathroom and thought it was me, so she stripped naked and tip toed her way into the shower. Imagine her surprise when she found Jazz totally naked and masturbating under the shower instead of me! She was so embarrassed, but not Jazz, she knew exactly what to do with Sam’s hard nipples, big tits and wet pussy! They had the hottest lesbian sex in the shower that afternoon.

Sam and Jazz lesbian sex