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I was really wondering why sweet Jazz asked me to accompany her to the pharmacy, until I saw what she was buying: a big tube of sex lube! I knew my dirty sister had something kinky in mind! We got back home and since our folks weren’t around, we stripped naked and got in the shower. She applied the lube all over my cock and slid it inside her ass; it felt so smooth and soft while I fucked her very hard! Looks like my cock is too big for her to fit in without proper lubrication!

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Jazz gets ass fucked by Tucker

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Tucker is my best friend, and since I know him so well, Jazz is always asking me about the size of his cock. My sister is a real dirty slut, and she loves guys with huge toon cocks. I told her she would have to find out for herself, but made sure to hide in the closet so I could see it happen! Tucker not only proved her he has a huge black dick, he also fucked her in my bed! Not satisfies with just fucking my sister’s pussy, he even fucked her dirty little ass! What a slut she is!

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