Maddie teaches Jazz to share Danny’s hard dick

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Jazz has a little problem, she is my sister and I love her, but she can be pretty selfish at times. She has never been able to share any of her stuff, but mom let me know she was about to change that. She called us into her bedroom; she was totally naked and looked so fucking hot! She made us get naked as well, ordering Jazz to suck on my big hard cock. This learning experience definitely works out for me, looks like mom is going to teach cute Jazz to share my hard dick with her!

Maddie teaches Jazz to share Danny’s dick

Vlad fucking with Danny’s Mom

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You can’t imagine how shocked I was when I returned home the other day from a mission and heard all sorts of sex noises coming from my mom’s bedroom! Dad was on a business trip, there was no way she could be with another man. She was probably watching some toon porn or playing with her sex toys, I just had to watch her. When I peered through the keyhole, I could see my mom… getting fucked by my arch nemesis, Vlad!

Vlad fucking with Danny’s Mom

Maddie catches Danny masturbating in bed

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It’s not the first time I catch my mom spying on me when I’m in bed. I pretend I don’t notice she is there, because it’s very naughty and kinky! She usually catches me when I am masturbating myself, she likes to see the way I rub my hard cock and splatter cum all over the sheets. She wears her most provocative see through night gowns, so I can see her big tits and wet pussy as I play with myself. Mom is really the best!

Danny masturbating in bed