Ember is a sexy little cock sucker ghost

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I love to make Ember my bitch as many times as I can. She likes to play hard, but deep down inside, what makes her pussy wet is to get dominated. I like to make her choke on my cock, thrusting it deep inside her throat so she can choke on it and soak my shaft and balls in her drool. She sucks my hard cock until I’m ready to explode, I can feel my hot cum flowing straight to her mouth. She can’t handle it all; it just drips from the corners of her mouth, down her sexy neck and hot cartoon boobies.

Ember is a sexy cock sucker

Sexy pirate girl becomes the “pirate’s loot”

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Captain Youngblood is so kick ass, he is always having these wild and kinky costume parties. I guess he is a cosplay freak ghost or something like that, but he also gets the hottest ghost chicks to attend, so I always make sure he invites me. Dressed up like a pirate he seems to be having a great time fucking this sexy hentai girl with big titties and a wet snatch. Don’t worry, she is crying of happiness cuz she just learned she is the “pirate’s loot”, which means we will all get to fuck her tonight!

Sexy pirate girl

Kitty likes to cheat on Johnny with Danny

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Johnny 13 is a cool ghost, and he has a super hot girlfriend named Kitty. She is totally addicted to cock and she is always cheating behind Johnny’s back. He doesn’t have a clue, but I know… cause I’m one of the guys she sleeps around with! What can I tell you, man, I just love these freaky ghost chicks! Her green hair and skin really turn me on, I love to spread her legs wide open and ram her toon pussy with my cock until I’m ready to fill her up with cum. We better hurry up before Johnny comes back home and finds us!

Kitty cheat on Johnny with Danny