Danny fucking his hot sister Jazz

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I walked into the control room the other night and found Jazz using the computers to search for hardcore toon porn! She was totally naked and was masturbating herself, her sexy body covered in sweat. She looked so hot and kinky! I took my ghost shape and decided to get it on with her. While she grabbed on tight to the consoles, I bent her over and fucked her wet pussy from behind. She was so wet, my cock slid in and out as if her pussy juice was sex lube!

Danny fucking Jazz

Maddie punishes Jazz for being naughty

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Mom is awesome… and hot! She can also be pretty intense and strict, especially with Jazz when she breaks curfew. Last time this happened, she made me watch Jazz’s punishment for disobeying her, so I wouldn’t get any ideas. Mom put on her ghost hunter suit, exposing her wet snatch and big tits while she stripped Jazz naked and probed her pussy with a shock inducing device! Mom really seemed to be enjoying the hot sexual pleasure she was provoking on my sister! She was cumming over and over and I was masturbating myself too, watching the incredible scene before my eyes!

Maddie punishes Jazz

Danny stuffs Valerie like a Ding Dong

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Samantha is very hot, but so are her friends! I had never fucked with a black girl before, so Valerie was definitely on my list of “to do girls”. I told her I was having problems studying for math, so she invited me over to her place so we could study together. It was all a ruse so I could get her into bed, she already knew but played along, looks like she was as curious about having sex with me as I was! Wow, Valerie is the hottest fuck ever! Her body was sweating as I fucked her hard from behind and filled her up with cream as if she were a Ding Dong!

Danny stuffs Valerie

Jazz lubes up Danny’s cock for hot fucking

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I was really wondering why sweet Jazz asked me to accompany her to the pharmacy, until I saw what she was buying: a big tube of sex lube! I knew my dirty sister had something kinky in mind! We got back home and since our folks weren’t around, we stripped naked and got in the shower. She applied the lube all over my cock and slid it inside her ass; it felt so smooth and soft while I fucked her very hard! Looks like my cock is too big for her to fit in without proper lubrication!

Jazz and Danny hot fucking