Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

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Samantha is starring in a film as Cleopatra. Can you believe it? She invited me over to the set and I couldn’t wait to see her dressed up as the Egyptian beauty. Wow, she looked so hot and sexy, it gave me a boner! We stayed until filming stopped and we had the whole set to ourselves. Sexy Samantha took off part of her outfit and decided to give me a private screening of the film’s naughtiest parts! Samantha as Cleopatra is a sex fantasy cum true!

Samantha dressed up as a sexy Cleopatra

Jazz and Danny fucking in the shower

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Turned on by Sam’s hot story about having sex with Jazz in the shower, I decided to take a steamy bath myself, so I could cool off and masturbate myself, just imagining the two hotties in hot girl on girl action in this very same shower. I was busy jerking off when I felt a pair of soft hands lathering up my ass with soap! It was Jazz! Looks like she heard my sex noises and decided to come in and join me! I wonder if she enjoys my hard cock in the shower as much as she did Sam’s wet pussy.

Jazz and Danny fucking

Sam and Jazz have lesbian shower sex

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Wow, you won’t believe the hot story Samantha told me the other day. She came home looking for me, but I was on a mission.. She heard noises in the bathroom and thought it was me, so she stripped naked and tip toed her way into the shower. Imagine her surprise when she found Jazz totally naked and masturbating under the shower instead of me! She was so embarrassed, but not Jazz, she knew exactly what to do with Sam’s hard nipples, big tits and wet pussy! They had the hottest lesbian sex in the shower that afternoon.

Sam and Jazz lesbian sex

Maddie teaches Jazz to share Danny’s hard dick

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Jazz has a little problem, she is my sister and I love her, but she can be pretty selfish at times. She has never been able to share any of her stuff, but mom let me know she was about to change that. She called us into her bedroom; she was totally naked and looked so fucking hot! She made us get naked as well, ordering Jazz to suck on my big hard cock. This learning experience definitely works out for me, looks like mom is going to teach cute Jazz to share my hard dick with her!

Maddie teaches Jazz to share Danny’s dick