Danny, Sam and Dani visit a nude beach

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The other week, Sam, Dani and I decided to go to the beach. Once we got there we noticed something very odd. All the people were naked! Turns out it was a nude beach, but we had traveled so long to get there, we decided to stay. Of course we all got naked. Naked Sam and Dani looked so hot, I got a huge erection, and being naked as I was, I couldn’t conceal it. Sam said she’d take care of it, she got on her knees and gave me an awesome blowjob with Dani watching us!

Danny, Sam and Dani on the beach

Jazz walks in on Danny and Sam having sex

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The most amazing thing happened to me last night while I was having sex with Samantha. I always make sure nobody is home, so I don’t get caught by my folks, but I totally forgot about Jazz. Imagine our surprise when, in the middle of fucking, we turn and see Jazz walk into the room, almost naked and taking off her panties in front of us with such resolve! She knew we had to let her join in or she would tell on us, but it really wasn’t a bad thing at all. Having a threesome with your best friend and your hot sister has to be the kinkiest shit ever!

Danny and Sam having sex

Sam and Jazz have a naughty pillow fight

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My best friend Tucker told me the most amazing naughty story just the other day. Too bad I was out on a mission and totally missed out on the fun. He was walking by Sam’s home, on his way back to his own house, when he saw lights on in her bedroom and many laughs and giggles. He didn’t resist the temptation of playing peeping tom and spying on Sam through her bedroom window. Turns out she was having a sleepover with Jazz. The girls were wearing their kinkiest lingerie and having a hot pillow fight! Sexy toons!

Sam and Jazz pillow fight