Danny and Ron double team a sexy ghost lady

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Team ups can be very fun and kinky! I joined forces with hot Ron Stoppable to capture a very dangerous ghost girl. She was as powerful as she was hot, with a voluptuous body, amazing ass and big tits. Ron and I were having a hard time subduing her, until we decided to take a different approach and fuck her instead of battling her! She really enjoyed taking our hard cocks up her ass and pussy in an amazing double penetration threesome that left us all exhausted. Maybe’s she’s not so bad after all!

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Danielle takes Danny’s hard cock up her ass

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Having a clone is the best thing in the world, especially if it is a female version of yourself. Danielle is just like me, wrapped up in a sexy toon body. She knows all my dirty sex fantasies and fetishes, and since she is as dirty as me, she has no problem letting me make them cum true with her. My favorite is bending her over and fucking her in the ass while she masturbates herself. There is nothing quite as hot as blowing my load inside her tight and hot ass chute.

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Sam gangbanged by an army of Dannys

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I recently discovered a new ghost ability, and I must say that Sam was more than happy with it! Turns out I am able to replicate myself, becoming three horny Dannys! Now Samantha can enjoy the most intense gangbangs with my clones and I. All her holes get stuffed at the same time as we all take turns fucking her mouth, pussy and asshole and filling her up with a triple load of creamy cum! Now if only I could manage the same trick on Samantha, that would be so awesome!

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Danny has a gay affair with Dark Danny

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I have to thank Dark Danny for helping me discover a side of my sexuality I was totally unaware of previously. We may have been sworn enemies at first, but now we are secret gay lovers! Shhhh, don’t tell anybody. He likes to show up once in a while, totally naked and with his huge cock totally erect, usually when I am masturbating myself while watching cartoon gay porn. I love to grab his cock and suck it very hard; swallowing all the hot cum he can give me.

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