Danny gives this sexy green eyed blondie good loving!

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Yes, blonde babes with green eyes are a huge turn on for me! Big enough to make me forget all about Sam for a while. This sexy blondie was hitting on me real hard, and I wanted to hit on her real bad! My ghost powers were enough to seduce her and get her naked and sweaty. I bent her over so I could fuck her hard from behind; she seemed to really enjoy it! She kept grinding her big juicy butt hard against me dick, her pussy muscles squeezing all the hot cum from my balls! Damn, blonde girls seem to be hotter than brunettes! I am going to have to convince Sam to dye her hair yellow, or maybe I should get her a wig! That way I can pretend she is the sexy blonde babe next time I fuck her brains out!

Danny fucking hard

Tucker turned into a sexy babe!

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Whoa! Tucker has undergone an extreme makeover of some kind! I have to admit that even though he is my best pal, seeing him with tits and a shaved snatch kinda turned me on in a very weird way! I don’t know what kind of spell or magic did this to Tucker, but believe me, I’m going to take advantage as long as it lasts! Hey, if he had a dick, I wouldn’t go near him, but that wet pussy looks like it needs a good cock fucking it very hard! I don’t think Tucker will mind letting me bang him while he is in such a sexy female shape!

Tucker turned into a hot chick

Sam gets a morning fuck from Danny

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I just love waking up every morning with Sam’s hot, naked body right next to me, her pussy still caked with my semen from last night’s wild fuck! I pull down my boxers and raise her legs, so I can wake her up with a good morning fuck! She moans and grunts, still have asleep as my big dick burrows deep inside her wet twat, the nasty little slut is already soaking wet, probably some naughty dream right before waking up! Sam finally wakes up, the sweat running down my body dripping all over her big tits and erect nipples, begging me to fuck her sweet ass as soon as I’m done with her dripping wet pussy!

Sam gets a bang from Danny

Danny fucking the newlywed bride!

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My fantasies of banging a newlywed bride finally came through! We were both naked and sweaty, rolling around the big wedding bed and drinking champagne. She still had her wedding gown over her head and her silk stockings; she looked so hot with her silky dark hair made a mess while I fucked her dripping wet pussy real hard! Her emerald green eyes were fixated on my throbbing erection, begging me to fuck her ass as soon as I was done with her twat! Good thing the groom got wasted and passed out. He may not be in any condition to consummate the marriage, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take his place and do it for him!

Danny drilling bride

Danny banging away on a boat at sea

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The sea is the best place for making love, who would have thought? The romantic set up made her give into me with no effort, her wet tongue twisting and twirling against my own as I felt her soft body, barely covered by her swimsuit, pressing hard against mine. I’m sure she could feel my huge erection growing underneath my trunks and poking on her crotch. Her bikini bottom was already soaked, she’s say it was the splattering sea water, but I’m sure it was her dripping wet twat aching for my big dick. Oh, boy, was I ready to plow her, the waves moving the boat about only made it so much kinkier!

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