Sam and Danny have a kinky BDSM sex session

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Sam invited me over to her place, telling me she had a very naughty sex fantasy she wanted to act out with me! Yummy! I arrived and she looked gorgeous, with many piercings, black leather boots and whip, she obviously had a kinky BDSM fantasy in mind! We played with the whip for hours, taking turns punishing each other to see who dominated who! I finally subdued her, bending her over in bed and fucking her sweet ass real hard in doggy position, just as if she were the dirtiest bitch in town! She loved in and promised we would make BDSM love every weekend from now on!

Sam and Danny have BDSM action

Penelope Spectra ties Danny down and takes him for a ride

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Penelope Spectra is the kind of ghost that embodies everything that is kinky and sadistic! In one of our latest tussles, she actually gained the upper hand, but I must confess it was not such a bad experience losing a battle to her! She strapped me up to an examination table, stroking my dick until it was hard and stiff, then she stripped naked and climbed on top of it! Her pussy was dripping wet as she rode my dick in reverse cowgirl, I had no idea she could be so passionate. As much as I love Sam, I was unable to resist blowing my load inside Penelope as many times as she wished me to!

Penelope Spectra riding Danny's dick

Danny fucks the ghost out of this hot blonde chick

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Using my ghost powers to kick my sex drive into high gear, this week has been all about blondes! Yeah, Sam knows I love her, but she also knows that blonde girls drive me crazy! She’s going to have to dye her hair or get herself a wig, or she’s going to catch me fucking a hot blonde babe in our bed one of these days! This last beautiful blonde babe has an evil ghost hiding somewhere inside her body and I was ready to fish him out, no matter what it took! I stripped her naked and banged her silly in bed, sweat running down her body as I pumped her snatch harder and harder, just trying to make that naughty ghost cum out of her!

horny Danny fucking

Maddie takes Danny on a kinky camping trip

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Maddie knows best, no argument about it! She took my on a camping trip, so we could share a nice bonding experience. I just couldn’t wait to bind with her, if you know what I mean! Being in contact with nature made me realize all I still needed to know about it and who better to teach me than Maddie? She stripped naked and told me to take off my clothes, admiring my big dick. ?h, Danny, it’s so big and hard! You are definitely all man now!?She spread her legs and let me fuck her dripping wet pussy real hard while I rested my head on her big delicious boobs! Camping has never been so much fun, I hope we stay here forever!

Maddie fucked by Danny