Danny pumping a sexy blonde ghost girl with lots of dick!

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Late at night, I was visited by a very sexy blonde ghost girl in flashy stockings and fishnet gloves! Her wet tongue and soft fingers massaged my balls and hard cock, she gave quite a boner! She spread her legs wide open and teased me with the cutest little pink twat, totally dripping wet with pussy juices and waiting for my big dick to fuck her very hard. She let me know how popular I was in the ghost world, all my sex stories with ghost chicks are told and there are many naughty ghosts waiting in line to visit me every night! Golly, I’m going to have to tell Samantha I can’t keep seeing her every night so I can open up room in the agenda! Lol!

Danny pumping hot blonde babe

Love Potion makes Danny fall head over heels

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This sexy emo goddess must have slipped some love potion in my drink, because I find myself lost in her emerald green eyes and the dripping wet heat of her pussy! All I want to do is fuck her beautiful body all night long, no time to think about ghosts, friends or Sam! Her skin is milky white and her ass is soft as cotton, she is a dirty bitch that doesn’t say no to anything. The love potion takes away all my inhibitions and she tells me that tonight we will do the Kama Sutra from intro to the very last page on the book! Wow! I’m going to need all the stamina I can get!

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Danny gets jungle fever with Valerie Gray

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Mmmm, I was feeling in the mood for some ebony loving, so I told Sam we would not be going out tonight, and went straight to Valerie’s! The sexy black babe was more than ready to knock me off my feet with her breath taking body and delicious ebony boobies! She stripped naked and impaled herself on my dick with a big smile on her face. She likes to talk dirty and tell how much better she is fucking my dick than boring Sam! I must admit, her ebony skin and bouncy butt always manages to make me blow my load all over her! As long as Sam doesn’t find out, everybody is happy!

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